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I'm afraid this blog is for the moment both monolingual and non-interactive.
Since the rest of the website is in Norwegian, this will be in English.




The opening event of our 2018 season was a fascinating and entertaining talk on hypnosis - and the more controversial topic of 'past lives'. The speaker was well-known British hypnotherapist, Steve Burgess, who has recently moved to Røros. Lively discussion accompanied the coffee and cake.. 


* * *  


True to the pattern of recent years, we gave ourselves a break from events and courses in the month of January. We did, however, host a wonderful, big wedding. Congratulations to Erik & Annelin from Kristiansund. They decorated the barn beautifully and danced the night away to 'Elg', lead singer of the band 'Dance with a Stranger'.

Bryllup Annelin

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In December, we continued our run of firms' Christmas parties and ended the year, for the third time running, with a family event called 'Collect your own Christmas Tree': 

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Our meat roll course, now in its fourth year, proved more popular than ever. 'Kjøttrull' is a traditional meat sandwich topping, particulary associated with Christmas.

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For the first time, we offered an art course for young people. Children could either drop-in for individual classes or get maximum out of the whole six week course. Parents, if they wished, could sit and enjoy a coffee cup over the Sunday newspapers during the sessions.

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JULY 2017


We were privileged to be chosen as a venue for one of the most popular concerts during the National Folk Music Festival. Reknown fiddle/violin player, Sven Nyhus and his daughter Åshild performed to two packed houses.  

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JUNE 2017

June's portrait painting course with Justin Chirico ended with a live portrait painting session! It took just 45 minutes for Justin to complete his 'speed portrait' of Gunhild! 



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APRIL 2017 

Røros husflidslag (sort of the local handicrafts association) held their annual exhibition in the barn. Wonderful, colourful creations, mittens, hats, knitted dresses, tables runners, knives.. We served coffee and Trines apple cake in the cafe.

Husflid1 Husflid2


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 MARCH 2017

Still lots of snow. The 2nd wedding party of the year took place - and they did a beautiful job of decorating the tables - incidentally, the first time our new, spacious, foldaway tables were used.

We were proud to host a concert in this year's international classical music festival, 'Vinterfestspill' - though the music performed was more of a mixture of folk, jazz and classical improvisation. The concert, entitled 'Fjøsfest', was quickly sold out. We managed to squeeze some 180 people into the barn, including 10 in the 'VIP' gallery!



* * *  


In February, we enjoyed an 'Inspirational talk' by Hans Brimi, who runs a very successful and creative 'food & experience' place in the mountains near Lom. We also enjoyed a visit from my daughter, Christa with baby Harley. Christa is a qualified yoga instructor and osteopath and, while she was here, she ran two delightful baby classes - a yoga class for mums (or dads) and their babies, and a baby massage class:



* * *  


We worked hard in the Autumn to prepare one of the rooms in the second house on the farm, the so-called 'kårboligen'. It was a pretty comprehensive job, which started with ripping out the walls and digging up the earth floor to lay a proper cement foundation. Still, we are pleased with the result, and are now letting it out on AirBnB.

Towards the end of the month, we hosted the first of five wedding parties booked for 2017 in the barn.


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The snow arrived in November. Artist, Ragnhild Bjerkan, has done an amazing job painting our silo! Her commission from me was to 'paint a birch forest that you feel you can walk into'. You have to see it in real life to appreciate how effective it looks. Well done, Ragnhild! 




 * * *


Again, my mixed choir, had a concert gig with well-known artist Elisabeth Andreassen, who flew in specially for the occasion. A packed Tolga church was up on their feet and dancing for the encore, when 'Bettan' let rip with 'La det swinge' (her success from Eurovision Song Contest days. AND WE FINALLY GOT OUR ROAD SIGN! Big Day for little Fjøsakademiet. Proud proprietor Lindsay poses with the workman who put it up..



* * *


Last year's mushroom gathering course had to be cancelled due to lack of mushrooms (unsuitable weather for growing) but this year was, fortunately, a bumper year and the course filled up in no time. Here we are comparing our 'catches' at the end of the second day: 


IMG 7396

 * * *


I became a grandmother for only the second time - to little Harley in New york - a cousin for baby Agnes, born 6 weeks earlier i Oslo :-) Meanwhile, Hans completed the very important job of repairing and painting the cement wall on the barn. Looks so much better :-D 


 Harley Agnes

* * *

JULY 2016  

We should have been more active in this, arguably the most important month of the all-too-short Røros summer, but a family wedding in Spain and various family events in England meant nothing doing at Fjøsakademiet until the end of the month when Trine, my new-appointed helper arrived to bake apple pie and to help with the cleaning. Yes!! 

 * * *

JUNE 2016

In June, we completed our ever first term of Spanish language lessons. The second term begins in October and all the current students signed up to continue :-) June was a busy month for my choirs, both of which took part in a big choir festival in Os, along with some 500 other choristers.

Norwegian schools start their Summer Holidays in June, so this month is also the time for end-of-term celebrations and, not least, long, light nights when the sun barely dips below the horizon. This June, Optimus - a local business providing many work places for those with special needs - held its 25th anniversary party in the barn. This was another first for us - the first time tables had been set for as many as 70 guests. And what a great job they did of decorating: 



* * *

MAY 2016

We sold out all our workshops and courses for May over a month in advance! First out was Spanish for New Beginners - an intensive six week course held in the classroom on the farm. As I write, we are half way through and still having fun (at least, I am!) and my students are so clever! 

We had two evenings of 'How to cast' for fly-fishing enthusiasts. That's definitely not me, but I did enjoy watching them all at it in the field behind the barn. Incidentally, so did a small herd of escaped reindeer which hung around Vintervollen for a week! 

Finally we had a painting workshop with popular local artist, Ivar Vaa, entitled 'Paint with Ivar'. This was held in the barn and attended by some 15 enthusiasts from near and (relatively) far on the final weekend of the month. I love painting, but duty called - and I spent most of the time in the kitchen. Still, it was nice to be praised for my chilli beans and lentil soup :-)




 * * *

APRIL 2016

We were extremely fortunate to welcome Swedish/Norwegian celebrity 'Bettan' to perform in the barn. This lovely and talented lady once won the Eurovision Song Contest with her duo 'Bobbysocks' singing La det svinge. The performance here on 23.april was, in fact, the dress rehearsal for a concert in a town some three hours drive away, but tiny Vintervollen provided the perfect mid-place venue between the two choirs backing Elisabeth Andreassen on this occasion.


* * *

MARCH 2016

The barn was hired out to one of our largest groups yet - a double 40th birthday celebration with some 60 guests, including a splendid representation of local musicians. Unfortunately, I was away for the weekend and did not get to hear the music pulsating across the farmyard, but I gather it was a great party..



* * *

 JANUARY 2016 
Another fly-tying course, just the one day. Deep concentration from Ulf and Stein Ove! 




* * *


'Barnas turlag' (Children's outdoor group) were in the forest collecting their Christmas trees first, and afterwards in the barn for 'Christmas porridge' (a Norwegian tradtion) and a visit from Santa Claus. It appears that something on the other side of the bed was, however, even more interesting..



* * *


Time to prepare 'Kjøttrull' (meat roll) ready for Christmas. The workshop was even
more popular than last year, and the atmosphere at least as jolly!



 * * *

OCTOBER 2015   

Culinary painting course i Abruzzo, Italy. More pictures under 'Bilder / Pictures' and a
chance to experience this course yourself in September 2016..

* * *


These three photos taken on, respectively, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (the morning of the evening when our very first group, Røros Handicrafts Association, arrived to use the barn). Amazing what a dash of panic can do!




* * *



Organisations and individuals have been ringing to ask whether the barn is available for hire. We decided to start saying yes, even though there is still a long way to go. We have to learn and practise. If we wait until everything is finished, it could take years. We soon discovered that energy-levels and effectivity leapt by leaps and bounds in response to knowledge that deadlines were looming ahead! Meanwhile, the planned mushroom foraging course had to be cancelled due to...lack of mushrooms (poor weather).


 * * *


JULY 2015

We got married in Abruzzo, Italy...



* * *


                                                                        JUNE 2015 

In June, we were finally able to use the barn - although it was far from completed. Since the activity in question was a painting workshop ('I can't paint') the most important thing was to have proper access, good lighting and running water - none of which we had last time we offered the same course, three years ago. As a bonus, we were able to use the new kitchen: the large corner fridge was so usesful, and it was nice to be able to waft the baking smell of homemade biscuits through the barn. Only downside was the nasty cold 'summer' weather which sent us searching for extra heaters to borrow, as our heating is not installed yet. Still, the course was great fun :-)


 * * *

                                                                         MAY 2015

Things are moving on - but never fast enough. No matter how much work gets done we never seem to get anything finished! The kitchen guys spent two long days assembling the cupboards, but the walls need painting, some splash tiling putting up, the plumber must come back, the carpenter needs to put up window frames and finishing touches. Today (22nd May), they were on the roof erecting 'snow catchers' (or whatever they might be called in English!) which are basically to stop avalanches sliding off the roof.

I spent several more hours pouring over bathroom choices  - not so easy picking out furniture suitable for reduced mobility. The weather is simply terrible - cold and rainy (actually sleet) and it is only 3 weeks until our workshop entitled, 'I can't paint' which is taking place in the barn..


 * * *

MARCH 2015 

As work on the roof insulation progressed, so we reached a milestone where the temperature inside the barn exceeded the temperature outside for the first time! Meanwhile, we enjoyed some tantalisingly fine days with blue skies and promises of Spring..


* * *

                                                                  FEBRUARY 2015

The end wall looks great! That is, much the same as it did before we put up the perspex (which is the whole point). Either inspired by this success - or because of the carpenter's dire prediction of condensation dripping onto future diners below - Hans has decided to go to the huge expense of insulating the barn's corrugated iron roof: Roof_before.jpg




* * *


Last day of the National Cross Country Sikiing Championships, held this year at Røros. This is the winners of the mens' relay collapsing, exhausted, as they cross the finish line. On the right, the king's viewing.



* * *


Today was a significant day, as the carpenters began to erect the sheet perspex we have decided to cover the end wall of the barn with. It looks great so far, but might yet turn out to be an expensive mistake! The temperature has turned mild (a meer minus 4 today) so it was almost acceptable to be working in an unheated barn. On the left, consignment arriving just before Christmas - which was probably just as well, since we had minus 30C. On right the end wall to be clad.. 



  * * *


Temperatures around minus 5 but still no return of the snow we had a few weeks back. The ground is rock hard and sometimes there is a thick frost and slippery road surface, but on the whole it's so much easier to get about one's business without the hassle of clearing snow and scraping windscreens. In the barn, the carpenters have exptended the ceiling area by using old boards from the original floor and adding new support beams. This will make the café area a little easier to heat, while at the same time creating new storage space in the 'loft'.

                               We collected our new farm cat, Olga, on Sunday. Just 9 weeks old, she is the spitting image of her 4-year-old sister, Lucy, who died this Summer, apparently having consumed rat poison - a terrible way to die for any animal. Our existing dog and cat seem quite confused at the apparent reincarnation of Lucy in tiny, feisty kitten form! 



* * *


Our regular maleklubb met again yesterday evening and again, we had some new attendees, including some Vida (pictured) and her mum. We could really do with a permanent space for this activity, especially if it keeps on growing in popularity. Our youngest memebers are also the biggest consumers of painting canvases, as they have this wonderful ability to slosh the paint on without agonising over the result :-) Up until now, I have been able to provide them with free, used canvases, but we're running out of them..



* * *



The first fly-tying course evening was just delightful! Such an enthusiastic bunch - and in all ages. Joakim had an enormous amount of bits and pieces with him, both equipment and materials 'harvested' from nature (or, in a few instances, ordered by internet from China. When it came to serving food, everyone was hungry but no-one wanted to leave their post, so they ate toasted cheese sandwiches while they practised making 'nymphs'. Next week, they will progress to another stage of the fly's life cycle. Fascinating! Almost (but not quite) makes me want to have a go myself :-)



* * *



Gosh, is it really Guy Fawkes night in Britain? I'll be missing it by approximately a day, all those fabulous firework displays in London! Here on the farm, it's minus 5 degrees and pretty snowy. I've been putting in a final effort to publicise the fly-tying course which starts in a week's time - it'll be a trial run for us. Instructor, young Joakim Strid has made these fabulous flies - and cought the trout in the picture:



* * *



Received a charming Halloween greeting from daughter Christa who has previously taught yoga at Fjøsakademiet and is now studying osteopathy in London. She seems to be coming apart at the seams, bless her..



* * *



The first real snow fell yesterday, and temperatures have been around freezing for some time now. The carpenters have a cold place of work and have brought in a powerful 'heat blower' to make conditions tolerable. This image is from a couple of days ago: Kjell Olav putting in new windows on the end of the barn.



* * *


Today one of our excellent carpenters returned at last to continue work on the barn. He's currently building a 'technical room' to house all sorts of switches and fuses (I think!) No snow her yet, but the snow poles are in place - always an ominous sign! The forest still looks much as it did here, in late September: 




* * *



13th September: 'Local food produce day' at Tolga, where I conduct 'Sneppen' choir each week. Here, local children setting up stalls to sell stuff they have grown, picked, baked, or preserved..



* * *


16. 04.14

Easter holiday, but I'm sitting here working on the website. Still haven't got the hang of giving myself fixed working hours. Starting this blogg today, in Fjøsakademiet's fourth year. Will probably write it in English, as the website is only available in Norwegian at present. A pity it's not interactive - so if you want to leave a comment, you'll have to go to our facebook page ('Fjosakademiet').

Påskeferien, men jeg sitter her og oppdaterer websiden. Fjøsakademiet er en liten bedrift med foreløbig bare én ansatte som skal være ansvarlig for...vel, alt egentlig - inklusivt det som hun ikke er så god til! Bloggen skriver jeg heretter på engelsk, siden hjemmesiden er ellers på norsk. 


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